Country Roads Pet Sitting is a family owned & operated business
in Pemberton, NJ, established in January of 1998.



We have years of experience caring for dogs, cats, horses, pot bellied pigs and many small animals. We started a pet sitting / dog walking / exercise service because we  had a passion for all types of animals. Since dogs & cats are more a part of our families than most other pets, they became our specialty. In our research, we found that people love the idea that they could come home from a long trip and find their pets greeting them at the door. Dogs and cats love petsitters because they get to remain in their own home sleeping in their own beds, eating their own food and getting the love and attention they crave even though you are away. We have a few pets of our own, so we understand how hard it is to leave them home alone.

SHEILA CLEARI own a small farm which consists of 2 mini horses, Rayne & Leo, a potbellied piglet named Abigail,  cats, Sabrina & Grey Boots and of course my boys… Enzo, and Montana, my very spoiled Australian Shepherds and the newest addition to our large furry family, Luna my mini Aussie!   I am also blessed with three adorable grand-pups Nova, Atlas and Kimchi..toy aussies

JANIS DOBBINS:long time friend and part time pet sitter. Janis has been helping Country Roads Pet Sitting provide quality care since 2015.  Her love for pets shows in her love and kindness she gives to her own fur babies…dogs Miya, Mali and Snooki!  & kitties, Cosmo, Jasper, Millie and Sienna

ALYSSA CLEAR: My artist daughter, part time groomer…mom to her fur babies toy aussie Kimchi and kitty Jezebel.  She has grown up with Country Roads Pet sitting and our extended pet sitting family and is now able to help out when we need her.



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