Prices are subject to change at any time.
(Effective January 2017)


First Pet….………………….$22.00 per visit – up to 2 dogs or up to 3 cats

Each additional pet: …. $2.00 each per visit

Includes walk if needed or outside yard playtime, feeding, changing water, treats, play time,  litterboxes and lots of TLC.

CARE FOR SMALL PETS…ie: rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, birds etc. — $5.00 per cage per day in addition to normal pet sitting rates.

Services available upon request at no additional charge, as a courtesy for our clients are:

Feeding of fish, small birds, amphibians and watering of indoor or potted outdoor plants, bringing in mail or news paper, altering lights and curtains.
(Additional fees may apply depending on distance to travel and amount of work involved in caring for your pets)

Dog walking…Drop in Service (15-20 min)

Mid day walks and playtime/potty-break in the yard, Treats, fresh water and TLC.  Also good for shy kitties and bedtime visit. Not recommended for feeding visits.

First dog and up to 3 cats…………… $18.00 per visit
Each additional pet……………………. $2.00 each per visit

Overnight Boarding

Charges are per night…Dogs must be housebroken and well mannered

After 12 pm drop offs are charged for a half day.  After 6pm will be charged for a full day.

Prices included pick up and drop off………….  we do not charge for Meet and Greets

$45.00 Small dogs up to 20 lbs.
$50.00 Medium dogs up to 40 lbs.


Holiday rates (Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, etc..): ……….. $5.00 additional per visit and $10 additional per night for boarding

Due to our very busy schedule we do not have office hours on weekends and holidays.  Although, we do  check our messages frequently and will return a phone call in an event of an emergency, if you are already signed up with our service.  


 A.M. visits begin at 7:00 am

 P.M. visits end at 9:00 pm